Bubblebee Industries Invisible Skin Tape. Hide the Lav in plain sight

Hiding a lav mic is a big part of my audio setups. I prefer not to see them on talent; therefore, you must get creative since not all outfit choices lend to hiding the mic. My go-to has been 3M Micropore surgical tape. It’s served me well, but it has a texture and is not invisible.

The Invisible Skin Tape is made with hypoallergenic, transparent materials. The breathable and sweatproof tape offers a discreet, low-profile solution for effortlessly managing your Lavalier microphone cable. The matte, skin-like finish facilitates seamless makeup application, allowing you to discreetly conceal your mic cable in plain sight. Whether mounting a lavalier mic or seeking a subtle way of attaching an IEM earpiece cable to the skin (such as The Sidekick).

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What’s Included

Each pack includes 40 pieces of The Invisible Skin Tape, conveniently stored in a small, reusable zip-lock carry case.

  • 40 x Invisible Skin Tape
  • 1 x Reusable zip-lock carry case
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Created using hypoallergenic, transparent materials, the tape ensures skin-friendly, comfortable, and discreet cable concealment.

Experience adhesive durability, breathability, and sweat-proof performance while providing a long-lasting solution without concerns of peeling or sliding off (often for days at a time), even in humid conditions or under the bright lights of Broadway and The West End.

Crafted with subtlety in mind, the tape provides a discreet solution, guaranteeing your cable stays in place on the skin and under clothes without any concerns of cable noise caused by tape friction.

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Featuring a matte, skin-like finish, the tape allows for makeup application, allowing you to effortlessly blend your lapel mic cable into the skin, making The Invisible Skin Tape an excellent solution for theatre and film productions.

Whether you’re mounting a lavalier mic, headset mic or attaching the Sidekick (or other IEM earpiece) to the skin, the Invisible Skin tape is a versatile solution that is quick and easy to apply and remove. Despite the longevity of the application, The Invisible Skin Tape can easily be removed without leaving any sticky residue on the skin.

The Invisible Skin Tape is available directly from Bubblebee Industries for $17.00 and in US at B&H

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