RigWheels Kraken Camera Mount

RigWheels has announced its new Kraken Camera Mount. The Kraken is an all-in-one solution that comes in one case and it includes everything you need to mount, position, stabilize, and secure your camera.

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Key features

  • Innovative Hinge design for easy setup
  • Audible low-suction alarm on the 10″ primary suction cup
  • Uses standard tripod heads for positioning (75mm bowl included, 100mm, Mitchell and flat available)
  • Included 75mm half-ball mount to directly mount your camera
  • Capacity up to 175 lb / 79.37kg
  • 3″ and 6″ stand-offs to raise your camera
  • 4 points of stabilization (with the full kit)
  • 9.5″ and 18″ stabilization rods (5/8″ diameter) that connect via 3/8″ threads
  • Standard size grip-heads for ease of use
  • Included safety/tethering components
  • Low-mode configuration for hood-mounting
  • Short tripod-head tie-down knob
  • Extention plate
  • No tools required

Release the Kraken

The Kraken Camera Car Mount was specifically designed to become the new standard in car rigging by combining mounting and positioning into one device. Vehicle rigging can often be complicated and you end up using lots of individual parts from lots of different kits to make sure you have everything necessary. With the rental version of the Kraken Mount, you have camera suction and everything else that is needed to securely mount any camera to a vehicle. This is a huge time saver when prepping for a shoot and it becomes a very practical solution for rental houses.

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Kraken features an innovative and easy-to-use hinge mechanism that was designed to enable you to make fast and flexible adjustments to the positioning of your camera.

It also accepts all standard tripod heads and it comes with 75mm, 100mm, and Mitchell adapters.

The Kraken can take the largest camera packages and it supports payloads of up to 175 lb / 79.37kg.

Whenever you are using any product with suction caps, you want to prioritize safety. The RigWheels Kraken utilizes an industry-standard 10″ suction cup that includes an audible alarm to alert you if suction becomes low. I would also recommend that you should always use additional ties and safety lines, especially when rigging any camera onto a moving vehicle, etc. RigWheels certainly agrees and in the kit, you get safety and tethering components.

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The Kraken Rental Kit comes with standard grip-heads, 4.5″ suction cups and two sizes of stabilization arms so that you can create a triangulation pattern when mounting.

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In the Rental Kit, you also get a large range of stabilization rods that connect together so you can position your mounting points right where you need them. Speaking of the Rental Kit, everything comes in a custom Pelican 1610 case.

Price & Availability

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The Kraken Base Kit retails for $999 USD and the full Rental kit is $2,899 USD. You can also buy the individual components that are included in the Rental Kit.

You can pre-order the RigWheels Kraken Base or Rental Kit today and save 20% up until the 20th of December. Just use the Coupon code “kraken20” at checkout.

The Kraken Base Kit begins shipping in mid-January and the Rental Kit in early-mid February.


I personally really like RigWheels products, because they are conceived and made by Lance Lundstrom, who is a working DP. I have been using the RigWheels Passport Dolly for the last 9 years.

RigWheels also comes up with original products that are practical, common-sense solutions.

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