Hedge OffShoot 23.3


Hedge has released OffShoot 23.3 which adds a new health check function that will analyze and check the health and integrity of ProGrade cards.

This new feature gives you peace of mind that the camera media you are using is healthy and reliable. The current caveat is that it only works with ProGrade media cards. For it to work with other manufacturers’ cards, they would need to collaborate with Hedge and give them access for that to happen.

🔄 Ensure your card’s health, whether it’s your trusted companion or a reliable rental.
🔄 Large files causing chaos? Learn to optimize controller cache for seamless performance.

OffShoot for Mac 23.3 New Features

  • Check the lifespan of your ProGrade media with the new Health Check function.
  • Try upcoming features before they’re released with OffShoot Beta (opt-in via Settings > License > Receive Beta updates).
  • Pro Support for Codex Device Manager 7.2.

You can also download OffShoot 23.4 Beta which adds Pro Support for BackBlaze B2 S3 cloud storage.

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