Ambient QuickPole Slim

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Ambient has announced its new QuickPole Slim boom pole for sound recordists. The QuickPole Slim is the latest addition to Ambient’s QuickPole series and it gets its name because it has one less segment. It is also claimed to be very comfortable to hold with a diameter of just 30mm.

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Ambient received a lot of feedback from sound recordists who liked the old 4-segment QS Line, but wanted a thinner version of the QP5.

NEW features (compared to the regular QP5 series)

  • Thinner Diameter (30mm instead of 34mm)
  • Lighter (one segment less)
  • Improved Locks (a quarter turn now completely prevents lateral twisting)
  • Black Tip
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The Ambient QuickPole Slim is available in two different sizes, long and short.

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Ambient’s QuickPole Series 5 booms are made of a custom-made carbon fiber compound with added UHM fiber layering. This technology makes the QuickPole S5 boom pole very sturdy and super-lightweight at the same time.

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The QuickPole Slim addresses features a new Teflon sheet plus silicone-lubricated felt that makes for smooth extending and collapsing of the boom pole.

With a quarter turn, the boom pole is locked and lateral twisting is completely prevented. The long handle sleeves with a ribbed surface offer also offer a firm grip.

Pricing & Availability

The Ambient QuickPole Slim is now shipping and the prices are below:

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