Zero Density Reality5 & Traxis Camera Tracking

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Zero Density, which specializes in virtual production and real-time motion graphics, has officially announced its new Reality5 and Traxis Camera Tracking products.

Reality5 is the latest version of Zero Density’s virtual production platform, and by leveraging the full potential of Unreal Engine 5.3 it can deliver hyper photorealistic virtual environments in real-time. This solution enables creators to produce dynamic visuals and data-driven graphics for Virtual Studio, Augmented Reality and Extended Reality virtual productions.

The Reality5 platform utilizes an advanced 3D compositing pipeline, which blends real and virtual elements, giving creators the ability to produce remarkably accurate, lifelike visuals. The rendering pipeline opens up new levels of graphics quality and virtual set complexity. EPIC’s ‘The Matrix Awakens’ virtual environment, considered by the industry to be the most complex open map set available, runs in real-time at the highest quality in the new Reality platform. The 3D Pixel perfect keyer is claimed to be able to preserve real shadows, reflections, and other essential details.

Traxis Camera Tracking

Traxis Camera Tracking is claimed to set new industry standards for precision, working in harmony with Zero Density’s virtual production platform Reality5. Even in high-demand sets, it can provide rock-solid performance with continuous recalibration to ensure uninterrupted, real-time tracking and a cable-clutter-free environment.

The Traxis Camera Tracking system comes with features that address the industry’s need for a simple setup, superior accuracy, and minimal latency. It’s designed to be modular and economical, offering a future-proof solution that simplifies the management of tracking and lens data via one control interface.

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