IndiPRO Tools Kratos 50Wh & 99Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Batteries


The IndiPRO Tools Kratos 50Wh and 99Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Batteries are being touted as affordable options for anyone who is looking for flight-safe batteries that can power their camera, lights, accessories, etc.

The IndiPRO Kratos lithium-ion 14.4V, 50Wh, and 99Wh V-Mount batteries both feature multiple multiple ports, which offer different voltage outputs, including a D-Tap output, 2.1mm output, 2.5mm output, Type-A USB output, and Type-C USB output.

You can charge the batteries on a regular V-mount charger or through USB-C PD.

The Kratos 99Wh Li-Ion Battery weighs 567g / 1.25 lb, but IndiPro doesn’t list how much the 50Wh version weighs.

The 50Wh version does feature quite an unusual look and color scheme, and I am not quite sure why the colors are different between the two capacities.

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The batteries also come with an onboard display that can tell you key information. They also come equipped with an illumination light on the back, so you can use the battery as a mini torch at night or in low-light conditions.

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If you need to mount the batteries, they also feature a 1/4-20 insert located on the bottom of the battery.

As I mentioned earlier, the Kratos are also air travel safe and they come with a 2-year limited warranty.

Price & Availability

The IndiPRO Tools Kratos 50Wh & 99Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Batteries can be pre-ordered for the following prices:

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