Lighting The Creator with Greig Fraser ACS, ASC & Oren Soffer

Aputure has posted a video where The Creator DP Greig Fraser ACS, ASC, and the director Oren Soffer talk about some of the lighting they used.

Despite having an $80 million dollar budget, the camera package and some other equipment used were chosen to enable a slightly more guerrilla filmmaking approach.

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Image credit: Aputure

In the video, Oren and Greig talk about how they scaled down their lighting package to shoot a blockbuster movie without any creative restraints.

“I think we’ve proven it with The Creator that we’re able to do something better by taking an approach that’s not necessarily the approach that ‘in-the-box’ thinking would’ve prescribed.”

Greig Fraser ACS, ASC

When they were filming in Thailand and jumping from location to location, they wanted to be able to work nimbly with lightweight cameras and compact lighting solutions. Some of the lighting gear they used included Aputure MCs and LS 1200d Pros.

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