A New Era In Streaming With The New AI-Powered OBSBOT Tail Air


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PTZ cameras were initially used in security systems, but their flexibility has made them popular in TV and in cinema production. Recently, PTZ cameras have become popular in online content creation thanks to their ability to capture multiple views and angles with only a single camera.

Most PTZ systems require a camera operator running them, defeating their usefulness for the solo creator. OBSBOT has revolutionized the use of PTZ cameras by developing intelligent tracking systems that follow creators without a camera operator. For those who do work with a creative team, the OBSBOT PTZ systems offer even more flexibility. 

In 2019, OBSBOT created the world’s first AI-driven PTZ webcam and has been refining the technology ever since. OBSBOT’s lineup includes the AI-powered Tiny 2 webcam and other AI-driven creative tools. 

OBSBOT has taken its AI-driven PTZ systems to the next level with the 4K resolution OBSBOT Tail Air. Originally launched on Kickstarter (where it generated more than a million dollars in sales and picked up 1200 backers) The Tail Air has the most advanced features of any PTZ content-creator camera. 

Introducing OBSBOT Tail Air

Image Quality

The OBSBOT Tail Air offers more than just innovative features. It boasts remarkable image quality that sets a new standard in the market. The camera has a 4K resolution and a small pixel size of just 2μm, which is crucial in ensuring exceptional performance in low-light conditions. Even in dimly lit environments, images remain detailed and have low noise.

The camera’s f/1.8 aperture is another feature that enhances its light-gathering capabilities. This wide aperture allows more light to enter the lens, significantly reducing noise and improving overall image quality. These features make the OBSBOT Tail Air superior to many traditional PTZ cameras that often struggle in low-light scenarios.

The OBSBOT Tail Air also has an advanced optical system that is comprised of eight high-quality lenses. These lenses work together to produce images that are high in resolution, with rich detail and color accuracy.

The OBSBOT Tail Air boasts high-resolution imaging, advanced pixel technology, superior aperture settings, and a sophisticated lens system that combines to deliver high-detail, low-noise images.

AI Toolset

The OBSBOT Tail Air is a cutting-edge AI-driven tool for with streaming technology that offers a comprehensive range of features to cater to various streaming needs. Its standout feature is the AI Auto Tracking capability that can track humans, pets, and objects at up to 120º per second without lag. This feature ensures that even fast-moving subjects are captured seamlessly and allows simultaneous tracking of multiple subjects, making it ideal for dynamic and complex shooting scenarios.


Another innovative feature of the OBSBOT Tail Air is the AI Director Grids tool that divides the captured video into different grids in real-time. Each grid represents a unique crop or angle, allowing users to simulate a multi-cam setup commonly seen in professional TV shows and advanced streaming setups. Users can easily switch between different grids by clicking on the thumbnail, which makes for more professional-looking content and streams with more visual impact.

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Network Connectivity

Offering the newest low-latency compression, NDI|HX3, the OBSBOT Tail Air provides better image quality for streamed content than NDI|HX2, with even less bandwidth usage. NDI|HX2 allows for better-quality streams even with limited network connectivity. 

The OBSBOT Tail Air has built-in Wifi and Ethernet and USB-C, Micro HDMI, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports for use with virtually any connectivity setup. For studios with existing networking, the Tail Air can be set up to work with just about any setup. 

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Gesture Control 2.0 is a powerful updated feature of the OBSBOT Tail Air that provides solo creators with an innovative control system that increases interactivity. This technology allows creators to manage their camera operations using simple hand gestures, eliminating the need for traditional controls or external devices. Creators can easily zoom in or out, start or stop recording, and control the tracking of subjects with natural hand movements, eliminating the need for a secondary camera operator to change settings. 

The Gesture Control 2.0 feature simplifies the control process and enables more fluid and dynamic content creation. For instance, while streaming or recording, a creator can adjust the zoom to focus on specific details or change the scene’s perspective without interrupting the stream. The ability to start or stop recording with a gesture allows creators to manage content quickly and seamlessly. It eliminates the need to use a secondary control deck to modify settings. 

This feature is invaluable for vloggers, educators, artists, and anyone making content where managing the camera and the stream is typically complicated. 

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Software Control

The OBSBOT Tail Air uses the company’s app OBSBOT Start, which simplifies camera setup for streaming and connects to all the stream platforms. Users with multiple Tail Air devices can control them all in the app simultaneously. 

The software allows for real-time adjustment of image settings and configuration of stream settings. It’s even possible to launch a stream on any platform with a single click in the app.

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OBSBOT has launched a dedicated Facebook group with over six thousand members for OBSBOT Tail users. OBSBOT moderators and members can discuss the setup, operation, and use of Tail Air and get community-based support for any questions. 

With this community-driven approach, users can help other Tail Air users quickly get setup advice and tips, even if they haven’t ever used the company’s hardware or software. 

Pricing and Availability

Starting November 21st, the OBSBOT Tail Air 4K PTZ streaming camera will be available for $499.

Black Friday Sales

Through November 30th, the OBSBOT Official Store will have special Black Friday deals, and the OBSBOT Amazon Store will have discounts through December 3rd. 

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