Mid49 Upper Cage for Canon C70

The Mid49 Upper Cage for the Canon C70 is a form-fitting cage with 1/4-20, 3/8-16 with ARRI accessory pins, and M4x20mm ARRI-spaced threaded holes in several places.

The included 15mm accessory rods provide threaded holes, a shoe mount, and a special recess for the Audio Breakout AB-4 (Canon C70) which is available as an add-on, and converts the camera’s two mini XLRs to standard, full-size XLRs.

An HDMI protector clamps cables securely, and a front lens support mount attaches to 3rd party lens adapters like Metabones, etc.

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The top ARCA Swiss dovetail slot accepts products like Mid49’s ARCA Top Handle or ARCA Top Plate which are sold separately.

The lower ARCA Swiss dovetail attaches to Mid49’s Baseline 15mm Baseplate to provide rods at the correct lens height and is also available separately.

Price & Availability

The Mid49 Upper Cage for the Canon C70 is now available for $299 USD.

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