Comica Audio Vimo Q four-channel mini wireless microphone system

The Comica Audio Vimo Q is being touted as a lightweight, mobile audio solution that is ideal for video shoots, vlogging, interviews, livestreaming, podcasts, online meetings, and online tutoring.

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The system can receive signals from all four transmitters, however, two of them will be mixed together as you can’t output four channels over a 3.5mm stereo output. This does mean that you will have channels mixed together. However, for a product at this price point, it is hard to complain, especially as it is able to capture audio from four separate people.

The system includes four transmitter microphone units (TX), a receiver unit (RX), a battery case for transport and recharging, plus key accessories.

Key features

  • Four channels. Lightweight, compact and portable
  • New CalMix processing for one-key denoise and vocal clarity
  • 48kHz/24bit record, CD-level sound quality
  • Digital and analog outputs for wide device support
  • Ultra-lightweight 16g wireless microphones
  • TX microphones can be charged while in use
  • Real-time monitoring, mute, volume control, stereo mode
  • Bright HD-quality flip screen display
  • Claimed latency below 20ms, range up to 200 meters
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The Vimo Q’s transmitters have both a built-in microphone and an external mic input port. The microphones can be recharged via their USB-C ports while in use. Each microphone transmitter’s battery life is 8 hours. With the charging case, the total battery life is up to 16 hours.

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The transmitters weigh 16g / 0.56 oz. The included charging and storing case weighs 430g / 15.16 oz with all of the components inside.

The Vimo Q utilizes Comica Audio’s new CalMix audio processing algorithm that is claimed to isolate human voices and filter out noise in difficult recording environments. Audio is captured at a 48kHz high sampling rate and with 24-bit depth.

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The Vimo Q receiver features a small screen that shows dynamic audio level bars, battery power, audio mode, etc. The display can also be flipped 180°. The receiver supports USB-C digital and 3.5mm analog output. This allows it to be used with a wide array of cameras, smartphones, computers, and other devices. The receiver’s monitoring output supports plug-in headphones. The microphone input volume can be adjusted and there are mono and stereo modes as well as a mute function.

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The claimed latency of the Vimo Q is stated as being below 20ms. The claimed operating range is up to 200m in open areas.

Price & Availability

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The Vimo Q retails for $249 USD and it is available in black or white. I couldn’t actually find it listed anywhere, but you should be able to get it on B&H or Amazon very soon.

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