Leofoto LVF-163 Tripod & Fluid Head FH-10

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At Interbee 2023 in Japan, Leofoto was showing its LVF-163 Tripod and Fluid Head FH-10. The tripod was designed to be an affordable and easy-to-operate solution for users of mirrorless hybrids and small to mid-sized digital cinema cameras.

Above you can see some shots of how the tripod works.

There was very little information available about this tripod, but we were able to find out that its maximum payload capacity was 13.8 kg / 30.43 lb.

The LVF-163 Tripod features a one-stage quick-release system, removable feet, and a ground spreader that can be adjusted by simply putting your foot on a latch.

It also had a carry handle that could be reversed.

We couldn’t find out any information about pricing or availability and it doesn’t appear to be listed on any of the Leofoto websites yet.

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