IDX Imicro V-Mount Batteries with USB-C PD

At Inter BEE 2023 in Japan, IDX was showing its range of IDX Imicro V-Mount Batteries that feature USB-C PD in and out capabilities so you can not only power other devices but also charge the batteries.

The IDX Imicro V-Mount Battery range consists of:

All three batteries are flight-safe so they can be taken onboard in your hand luggage when you are flying.

Key features

  • High-grade lithium-ion cells
  • Compact form factor
  • Supports up to 14A loads
  • D-Tap Advanced output (unregulated) for accessories and charging
  • D-Tap output (unregulated)
  • 5-LED power indicator
  • Battery circuit protection
  • 11V auto cutoff prevents overdischarging (while a load is applied)
  • Compatible with all Endura V-mount chargers
  • Recyclable

The 50P, 98P and 150P all feature a D-tap, as well as a USB-C. On the 50P it supports up to 30W In/Out via USB-C PD. The 98P and 150P support up to 60W In/Out via USB-C PD.

The D-taps on the 98P and 150P support up to 100W, and on the 50P it is 35W.

You can charge the batteries via USB-PD, or on a regular V-mount charger.

All three batteries are very lightweight and compact. In fact, the IMICRO series are the smallest battery packs in the world at their capacity.

Price & Availability

IMG 4085

The batteries are now available to purchase for the following prices:

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