IDX 28V B-Mount Batteries with USB-C PD Charging

At Inter bee 2023 in Japan, IDX was showing their upcoming 28V B-Mount Battery series that features USB-C PD.

IDX has been a little late to the party with making B-mount batteries, but as far as I am aware, these are the only ones on the market that feature a USB-C PD In/Out so that you can power accessories or charge the battery without needing a large and bulky B-mount charger.

There are two different capacities available:

  • HV-160B 28.72V 5.35Ah 154Wh
  • HV-320B 28.72V 10.7Ah 308Wh

The HV-160B and HV-320B can both support up to 100W via USB-C PD charging. This means you could charge the HV-160B via a compatible USB-C PD wall charger in around 2-3 hours. Both batteries can output 60W via USB-C.

There is also USB-A and a D-tap power output.

IMG 4062

Both batteries also featured a LCD display where you could toggle through various pages of information including how many times the battery had been charged.

IDX also will be releasing a fast simultaneous 4-bay B-mount charger along with the batteries.

There is no current information about pricing or availability, but the batteries and the charger should be available early next year.

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