Ulanzi FM01 FILMOG Ace Portable Fog Machine


Ulanzi has announced its new FM01 FILMOG Ace Portable Fog Machine which was designed to be an affordable option for photographers and filmmakers who want to create atmospheric effects such as dense fog, dry ice, and wispy mists.

We have seen quite a few small-sized fog machines enter the market in the last year or so, including the Smoke Genie, and Smoke Ninja which we have both featured on the site. Both of those options have varying levels of functionality and features, but the Smoke Genie is considerably more expensive than the Smoke Ninja. The FM01 FILMOG Ace Portable Fog Machine offers a lot of the same features as some of these other competing options, but it is considerably more affordable.

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The Ulanzi FM01 Portable Fog Machine features 36 fog intensity levels and an array of attachments. There is a 1/4 inch adapter head, and straight and bent tubes that help facilitate precise directional control of the fog output.

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The FM01 Portable Fog Machine features a compact design and a replaceable battery. There is also a built-in color screen and remote control, that enables users to wirelessly trigger the fog remotely. In addition, there are professional modes such as automatic cycling, continuous fogging, and timed spraying.

The Ulanzi Portable Fog Machine utilizes a food-grade glycerin for fog production which ensures that the machine’s operation is not only safe for the environment but also non-toxic. This makes it suitable for use even in close proximity to people, and when shooting food and beverages.

Price & Availability

The Ulanzi FM01 FILMOG Ace Portable Fog Machine will retail for $109 USD, but Ulanzi is offering a pre-order Price of $87.20 USD. It goes on sale from November 13th.

The FM01 FILMOG Ace Portable Fog Machine is certainly very affordable. As a comparison, the SmokeGENIE Handheld Fog and Haze Machine Starter Kit retails for $595 USD and the SmokeNINJA Portable Smoke Machine costs $249 USD.

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