ZHIYUN Pocket-Sized FIVERAY M20 Lighting Series With 20W Power and Full Color Control

ZHIYUN has released the new FIVERAY M20 series of pocket-sized lights. The FIVERAY M20 series are compact and portable lights that can be used for a wide range of applications and scenarios.

The FIVERAY M20 has a CCT range of 2700K to 6500K and a claimed CRI of 95+. The FIVERAY M20C has additional RGB LEDs, with an even wider CCT range of 2500K to 10000K, more color control, and a claimed CRI of 94+.

The FIVERAY M20C can be wirelessly controlled via the ZHIYUN mobile app and includes additional lighting effects and Bluetooth mesh capability, making it possible to synchronize multiple lighting devices. Users can stack multiple lighting units or synchronize them through ZHIYUN’s app for remote control.

The FIVERAY M20 series comprises two products: the FIVERAY M20 and the FIVERAY M20C. Both lights feature a 20W power output, a 4500mAh battery capacity, a 40-minute continuous runtime, and a PD charging time of 2 hours. These compact lights are similar in size and weight to a mobile phone.

The standard version contains all the essentials. The COMBO version includes more accessories, such as a diffuser, a 4-leaf barn door, a honeycomb grid, and a storage bag. The dual-side extension bracket and cold shoe, included with all packages, allow users to attach individual accessories or make combinations.

The Combo Kits Include

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  • Includes Diffuser, Barndoors & Grid
  • Light Modification & Control Accessories
  • Storage Bag


The FIVERAY M20 retails for $69 USD (Standard price is $89 USD).
The FIVERAY M20 COMBO retails for $99 USD (Standard price is $119 USD).
The FIVERAY M20 is available from the ZHIYUN and Amazon Stores.

The FIVERAY M20C costs $119 USD (Standard price is $139 USD).
The FIVERAY M20C COMBO is $149 USD (Standard price is $169 USD)
The FIVERAY M20C is available from the ZHIYUN and Amazon Stores.

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