Atlas Lens Co. Mercury Series Group II pre-orders go live on 14th November


Atlas Lens Co. has announced that Group II of the Mercury Series will be available for preorder on November 14th, 2023.

Screenshot 2023 11 08 at 11 11 07 AM

The Mercury Series Group II debuts three distinctive focal lengths: 54mm, 95mm, and 138mm. Each lens has the same hallmark character and matching color tones, retaining the Mercury Series’ vintage-inspired personality and consistent imaging performance.

The Mercury series lenses offer full-frame coverage, a 1.5x squeeze ratio, enhanced bokeh, reduced physical size and weight, as well as a unique geometric optical personality, and warmer vintage tones compared to the Orion Series all while providing the same modern, mechanical conveniences demanded by professionals.

Screenshot 2023 11 08 at 11 06 56 AM

The Mercury Series full lineup presents a comprehensive range of anamorphic lenses, from the wide 36mm to the telephoto 138mm.

The complete range is expected to begin delivering in Q3, 2024.

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