FilmConvert Nitrate Halation


FilmConvert Nitrate Halation is a $59 USD add-on for pre-existing Nitrate licenses, or if you are buying Nitrate for the first time you get it as part of the license purchase.

According to FilmConvert, Halation is a by-product that comes from shooting on film, that helps add to the dreamy and romantic feeling that comes with shooting celluloid. Halation can be seen when bright parts of an image gain a red glow or ‘halo’, most commonly seen around strong light sources. Halation can also be used to help soften the overall look of your image.

FilmConvert has been hard at work to try and come up with a formula to create authentic halation that accurately mimics how it occurs on film.
The primary controls allow you to adjust the sensitivity, strength, hue, and softness of the halation on your image. There are also more advanced settings to further tailor the halation.

FilmConvert Nitrate Halation will be released on the 20th of November.

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