INOVATIV Introduces Workstation Monitor Arm System for Enhanced Mobility & Stability

Today, INOVATIV released the Workstation Monitor Arm System, which is a features-rich monitor mounting solution that is compatible with VESA-compliant monitors up to 55 lbs. and is compatible with the full range of INOVATIV workstation carts by clamping directly to the workstation’s upright post.

The new design features locking rosette joints that prevent loosening over time and provide two points of articulation for moving your monitor closer to you or relocating it out of the way for increased tabletop space.

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A third point of adjustment is available by moving the Monitor Arm up and down the vertical post or swinging it side to side. The VESA-compliant monitor plate provides smooth 360° rotation as well as pan and tilt adjustability, with the option to lock your monitor in either landscape or portrait orientation. The system allows for a tidy workspace with the included cable management hooks.

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INOVATIV states the level of stability not only enhances efficiency and productivity but also reduces the risks associated with loose monitors. Professionals no longer need to worry about their valuable equipment falling or getting damaged in transit, knowing that their monitor is securely positioned and protected.

The Workstation Monitor Arm System (VESA Compliant) retails for $799 and is available to purchase today.

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