bebob Coco-Vmicro2 adapter


bebob has announced its new Coco-Vmicro2 adapter. The Coco-Vmicro2 adapter allows you to run two Vmicro batteries of any capacity.

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The adapter plate lets you hotswap batteries so your camera can continue to run uninterrupted. Once the first battery is depleted, the second one is automatically activated to power the camera.

The status of each battery’s charge can be checked using two five-stage LED indicators on both sides of the adapter. The Coco-Vmicro2 also features numerous outputs for accessories.

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With the DC-In D-Tap connector on the Coco-Vmicro2, the connected batteries can be charged directly on the camera using an S1MICRO fast charger. The Coco-Vmicro2 looks to be a good option for any digital cinema camera that uses V-mount batteries, including the upcoming Sony Burano.

VMF VMicro2 front

bebob’s new adapter measures 90 x 140 x 35 mm (W x H x D) and weighs 620g / 1.36 lb.

In November, bebob will also release a Gold-Mount compatible version of the same adapter, the Coco-Amicro2.


  • Model: Coco-Vmicro2 and Coco-Amicro2
  • Mount: V-Mount and A-Mount
  • Compatible with 12V Vmicro batteries or 12V Amicro batteries
  • Max. current consumption: 16A
  • Hotswap function
  • 3 x Twist D-Tap: 13V reg / max. 5A
  • 2 x USB (A): 5V / max. 1A
  • 1 x Lemo 2p: 13V reg / max. 1A
  • 3 x Hirose 4p: 13V; 5V; 7.6V/8.4V (switchable) / max 1A
  • 1 x Twist D-Tap DC-In: 14.4V unreg. max. 5A
  • 5-stage LED display to indicate the charge status on both sides
  • Dimensions: 90 x 140 x 35 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 620g

Price & Availability

The Coco-Vmicro2 and Coco-Amicro2 retail for €990.00. The Coco-Vmicro2 is now available, and as I mentioned earlier, the Coco-Amicro2 will be available in November.

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