Sachtler aktiv12T Touch & Go Fluid Head with SpeedLevel & 7-Step Drag (100mm) on sale for $2,999 USD

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The Sachtler aktiv12T Touch & Go Fluid Head with SpeedLevel & 7-Step Drag (100mm) is on sale for $2,999 USD, which is a huge saving of $1,371 USD.

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I have reviewed the Sachtler aktiv14T fluid head and you can see my review here. Everything is the same as the activ12T apart from the payload capacity.

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Key features

  • 30.9 lb Capacity Fluid Head
  • 100mm Half Ball
  • SpeedSwap Clamp-Style Base
  • SpeedLevel Technology
  • Touch & Go Plate 16 QR Plate
  • 2.8″ Camera Platform Balance Adjustment
  • 15-Step + 0 Counterbalance
  • 7-Step + 0 Pan/Tilt Drag
  • Illuminated Prism Bubble Adds Visibility
  • +90 to -70° Tilt Range

The Sachtler aktiv12T Touch & Go Fluid Head with SpeedLevel & 7-Step Drag utilizes the innovative SpeedLevel technology to provide almost instant mounting and leveling of your camera rig on almost any Sachtler 100mm bowl tripod. The clamp and stud SpeedLevel system saves time leveling your camera rig by eliminating the need to screw on a tie-down knob. Designed for larger DSLRs, mirrorless, and digital cine-style cameras, the aktiv12T supports rigs weighing 0 to 30.9 lb. This fluid head features 15 steps of counterbalance and seven steps of pan and tilt drag adjustment, plus zero settings for both balance and drag.

The SpeedLevel technology replaces the traditional head screw and tie-down design with a strong clamp built into the head bowl and a stud component that clamps onto your tripod bowl or other mounting platforms, such as a slider. Simply grasp the large lever on the head and pull it up to release the clamp, then press it down to lock your head in place. Partially lifting the lever allows you to quickly and easily level the head. The integrated PrismBubble level system is pressed once to illuminate the bubble level or twice to light up both the bubble level and the drag settings, a boon when working in darker environments. The bubble level also has a built-in prism, enabling you to easily level the head when the legs are set at a maximum height or an awkward angle.

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