Nanlite Forza 300 II & 500 II Traveling Light Kits


Nanlite now has a range of Forza 300 II and 500 II traveling lighting kits that look to be good solutions (depending on your requirements) if you fly a lot or simply just want to safe space.

Here is what is available:

Screenshot 2023 10 23 at 11 06 41 AM

All of the kits come with the following items on top of two fixtures:

  • 2 x Nanlite Quick Release Super Clamp for Forza 720, 500 II, and 300 II
  • 2 x Nanlite 55-Degree Reflector for Forza 300 and 500
  • 2 x Nanlite COB Cap with Bowens Mount for Select LED Monolights
  • 2 x Power Cable (19.8′)
  • 2 x Head Cable (9.8′)
  • 2 x Control Unit with V-Mount Plates
  • Rolling Case

I wish more lighting companies would release lighting kits like this. While I like what Nanlite is doing, I would like to see them go a step further and come up with kits that come with a couple of lightstands so that you end up with a fully self-contained lighting solution that is just in one case.

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