ARRI Tech Talk: Top Attachment Bracket TAB-1

ARRI has released a new Tech talk where you can learn all about using the Top Attachment Bracket TAB-1 with the TRINITY 2 or other ARRI stabilized heads.

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The Top Attachment Bracket TAB-1 can be used with ARRI’s stabilized remote heads or TRINITY 2 and accommodates longer and heavier lenses, allowing operators to move the camera at high speeds or extreme angles without unwanted vibrations. It links top 15mm LWS rods to top of the rig.

Below you can see the various topics and timestamps for the Tech Talk:

00:00 Introduction
00:44 SSB-4 is required to use TAB-1 with TRINITY 2
01:09 Mounting options with the TAB-1 yoke
02:27 Attaching TAB-1 to the SSB-4 with a hex screw
03:14 Balancing the TRINITY 2 head and TAB-1 with counterweights
04:17 Mounting the camera on the stabilizer
05:01 Ensuring a balanced camera setup
05:31 At least one 15 mm rod is needed to use the TAB-1
05:58 Making adjustments to the camera setup afterwards
06:54 Checking whether the stabilizer is balanced
08:03 Necessary weights to keep a balanced setup

The ARRI Top Attachment Bracket TAB-1 retails for $740 USD and it is now available to order.

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