Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System for RED KOMODO-X

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Wooden Camera’s new Elite Accessory System for RED KOMODO-X was designed for users who want to outfit their camera with a full cinema setup as well as a Core System for users who want to start with the basics.

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It is a modular accessory system that allows crews to transform the compact camera body into a full-fledged cinematography system without compromising size or weight.

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The collection includes an ARCA Baseplate, a new Cage System, the Ultra Handle System, a new D-Box, and new Side Grips.

ARCA Baseplate

The ARCA Baseplate was designed for dual 15mm rods and allows for maintaining optimal lens height for studio-style builds. This Baseplate comes with a quick-release lever to be used with the ARCA Riser when lightweight builds are necessary. This Baseplate includes a Bridge Plate Dovetail for use with either 15mm or 19mm Bridge Plates.

Cage System

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The cage utilizes the tie-in points at the top of the camera body and the added Side Rails. It provides much-needed mounting points on the rear and sides of the camera. A built-in Accessory Rail Clamp adds a quick-release function to certain compatible accessories, like Accessory Plates or Wooden Camera’s B-Box. You can also add a Top Cheese Plate, which connects directly to the camera, allowing the camera’s contact pins to pass trigger through the plate. This offers connectivity options like the Ultra Handle RED Riser with its 3-pin run-stop ability, or simply expanding on rigging options with the Rigging Top Plate.

Ultra Handle System

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The Ultra Handle System is modular and comes with a riser allowing the contacts on the camera to pass a 3-pin connector with trigger ability through the handle, thereby allowing third-party options to start and stop the camera roll. Also included in the system is a ¼”-20 Support Bracket for added stability, and a non-slip 4” Handle with durable Bocote hardwood inserts for comfort. The Handle has two pass-through holes for accessing the mounting bracket with the Hex Wrench while the handle is attached. This Ultra Handle System also comes with two 3” Handle Extensions, a 1” Extension, and a Right Angle Extension, as well as 24x color rings (six each in red, blue, green, and yellow).

D-Box & B-Box

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The D-Box offers hot swap abilities when power is connected to the DC-In and an on-board battery. There are additional 12V 2-pin, a D-tap port, and a 3-pin 24V power options. When connected to the EXT port of the camera, Run/Stop is enabled on both the D-Box as well as the B-Box. On the assistant’s side of the camera there is a DC-In port for connecting additional power items like block batteries and an EXT Out option is also included to pass connectivity options to a B-Box to be connected to the system, as needed.

Side Grips

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These 2 grips include cold shoe mounts at the top of each handle, allowing users to mount accessories like mics for compact shooting scenarios. The lightweight grips include ⅜”-16 and ¼”-20 mounting points on the outside of the grips to allow for mounting any additional accessories.

Price & Availability

The Elite Accessory System for RED KOMODO-X is now available to pre-order for $1,999 USD.

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The Core Accessory System for RED KOMODO-X is available to pre-order for $873 USD.

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You can also buy all the parts individually if you prefer.

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