Shure SM7dB

SM7dB v1 (1)

Shure has updated one of its most successful microphones, the SM7b. The new active dynamic SM7dB builds on the flat, and wide frequency response of the original and adds a built-in preamp for a more robust output level, eliminating the need for an inline preamp.

Key features

  • For Professional Voice-Over Applications, Podcasting and Broadcasting Work
  • Built-In Preamp with +18 or +28 dB Gain
  • Preamp Powered via 48V Phantom Power
  • Dynamic Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Bass Roll-Off and Midrange Controls
  • Detachable Windscreen

The new preamp is built with technology licensed from Cloud and Shure engineers have tuned it specifically for the SM7dB to ensure the original SM7 sound remains intact.

The preamp is powered via 48V phantom power. You can set the active circuitry for either a +18 or +28 dB boost, or you can remove it from the circuit entirely via the true-bypass switch. You still get all the onboard controls of the original SM7b, including a bass roll-off and a mid-range presence boost.

The SM7dB is a cardioid mic that rejects off-axis audio, and it features an internal air suspension shock isolation to eliminate mechanical noise transmission. There is also optimized shielding against electromagnetic interference, and a broadcast-style yoke mount for precise control of mic position.

The SM7dB comes with a detachable close-talk windscreen which is important if you are going to use the microphone for close-up vocals, podcasting, and narration..

Price & Availability

Screenshot 2023 09 27 at 10 19 24 PM

The Shure SM7dB Vocal Microphone with Built-In Preamp is now available for $499 USD.


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