Accsoon iPad Powercage Mini

Accsoon has announced its new iPad Powercage Mini that turns the iPad mini 6 into a professional monitoring setup. For $109 USD you not only get the cage, but also the NP battery adapter and Sunhood as well.

The battery adapter can also be used as a charger for your NP-F batteries when connected to a USB-C PD charger like the one from the iPad mini.

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The iPad mini 6 features an incredibly accurate 8.3” Retina screen, 2266×1488 resolution, and a wide P3 color gamut. At 326 ppi it has crisper and clearer images than a lot of dedicated professional monitors. Once equipped with the dedicated Accsoon iPad PowerCage Mini, an iPad mini 6 can be used as a professional monitoring solution.

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With the addition of an Accsoon SeeMo HDMI or SeeMo Pro SDI that can mounted to the back of the cage, the setup becomes a lightweight on-camera monitor. You could also combine it with Accsoon’s CineView line of wireless transmitters and turn it into a lightweight handheld Director’s monitor.

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The Accsoon iPad PowerCage mini is made of aviation-grade aluminum and it adds protection to your iPad mini 6. It has multiple cold shoes and 1/4-20″ anti-rotation attachment points on the sides of the cage. A custom TPU Gel case insert is also included to provide an additional layer of soft cushioning around your iPad mini 6 in the event of a knock. There are also lugs to allow a neckstrap to be attached for director’s monitor use.

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Weighing in at just 293 grams for the iPad mini 6 and 162 grams for the Accsoon iPad PowerCage Mini, this combination is lighter than a lot of 7-inch monitors, while offering a considerably larger screen.

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A dedicated folding sunhood is included with the cage. It is lightweight and helps to block out stray light. A clever tab design allows it to be quickly folded and unfolded.

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One of the key features of the Accsoon iPad PowerCage Mini is its ability to power the iPad Mini 6. With the included ACC04 battery adapter plate, the PowerCage can keep your iPad mini 6 powered for most of the day. By utilizing the USB-C PD provided by the ACC04 and NP-F type batteries, not only is the iPad mini 6 powered, but other attached accessories can also be charged using the USB outputs of the ACC04. This can even include charging your camera with the appropriate adapter.

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As I mentioned earlier, the ACC04 is that it can also be used separately to charge your NP-F type batteries. By connecting a USB-C PD charger, like the one used for the iPad mini 6, to the ACC04’s USB-C input it will charge your battery and show its charging status.

Price & Availability

The Accsoon iPad PowerCage Mini will retail for $109 USD. It will be available for purchase from authorized Accsoon dealers worldwide starting in October 2023. You can learn more about the iPad PowerCage Mini on the Accsoon website.

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