Laowa Aurogon Full Frame 10-50X Magnification Lens

The Aurogon FF 10-50x NA0.5 Supermicro APO lens set is a unique purpose-built super micro lens for full-frame cameras that allows you to capture images at incredible magnifications.

It is available in the following mounts:

  • PL
  • Sony E
  • Canon RF
  • Canon EF
  • Leica L
  • Nikon Z
  • Nikon F
  • GFX

The Aurogon APO lens set is claimed to deliver high optical performance at a fixed 20mm working distance for all magnification ratios.

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As it comes as a set, users can simply replace different tube lenses to achieve 10X, 20X, 35X, or 50X magnification without changing the working distance and their setup. An adjustable NA from 0.5 to 0.15 provides exceptional brightness during focus and can be adjusted to minimize diffraction when paired with different cameras and lighting setups.

The majority of the objective lenses used in microscopic photography have a short working distance. The distance also gradually gets much shorter when using higher magnification. However, with the Aurogon, the fixed 20mm working distance across all magnification ratios makes it easier to obtain sufficient light and deploy lighting.

An APO design is claimed to offer exceptional chromatic aberration control and superb image clarity.

The lens also has an adjustable NA that ranges from 0.15 to 0.5. This gives users the flexibility to focus with brighter NA and then set to the optimal NA that is best for the camera sensor and lighting setup. It also helps to slightly control the depth of field when shooting video.

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For those users who are looking for a made-ready setup to attach the lens for stable shooting, Laowa also offers an add-on option of a Tube Lens Slip Ring set.

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The set of tube clip rings comes with 2 rings. One for attaching the objective lens and one for the longer barrels of higher magnifications. You may also remove the inner ring of the front ring to use it on the tube lens. The position of the rings can be adjusted depending on different setups. It can be purchased separately on their website.

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In addition to the clip rings you can also attach it to a rail platform at the front. Moving the subject instead of the whole system helps to reduce vibration.

Price & Availability

Aurogon FF 10 50x DSC04794 1

The Laowa Aurogon FF 10-50x NA0.5 Super Micro APO is available to purchase via Venus Optics official website (http://www.venuslens.net/) and authorized resellers.

The Aurogon FF 10-50x NA0.5 Super Micro APO lens set costs $1,500 USD (Full set with 10X, 20X, 35X and 50X). The add-on Slip Ring is $150 USD per set.

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