bebob 4 & 8-Channel Battery Charging Stations


bebob has announced new 4- and 8-channel charging stations that are being aimed primarily at rental companies, but they are also ideal for customers with large numbers of batteries.

The new 4- and 8-channel charging stations are easy to mount on the wall and cascadable, which makes them a good solution for storing and charging batteries that are currently not in use. The wall-mounted chargers are available in five versions, with different mounts: for normal-sized A-Mount (Gold-Mount compatible), V-Mount and B-Mount batteries as well as for Vmicro and Amicro batteries. The wall chargers for the latter can charge eight batteries in parallel instead of four.

The 4-channel or 8-channel Li-Ion parallel chargers with wall mount each provide 168 watts of output power and a total of 16.8 volts or 10 amps (four channels at 2.5A or eight channels at 1.25A). For extra fast charging, parallel charging of two batteries with 5A is also possible. For example, two V45micro batteries can be charged to 100 percent in less than one hour, or two B480s to 80 percent in slightly over five hours. For eight micro batteries, the times are correspondingly longer, depending on the capacity. For eight V45micros, it takes just under four hours to charge them to 100 percent.

There is an AC loop-through connection so that several wall charging stations can be connected in series with a standard 16A AC fuse. You can connect up to 15 wall chargers in this way. A charging indicator shows the charging status in different colors.

The wall chargers weigh approximately four kilos each and have a maximum circumference of 270 x 89.7 x 410 mm. A carrying handle is attached for transport.

Prices & Availability

The recommended retail prices for the wall chargers are between 1,090 and 1,690 Euros/ $1,190 USD and $1,845 USD. The chargers are now available from all established bebob dealers.

Here are the exact prices for each model:

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Screenshot 2023 09 27 at 12 51 58 PM

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