Sony LMD-A180 18.4-inch LCD monitor $3,395 USD

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The Sony LMD-A180 is a 18.4-inch LCD monitor that offers Full HD resolution, in a lightweight and compact design. It was first announced way back in April, but it is now available to purchase.

The LMD-A180 offers the same user interface design, features, functions, and operability as other monitors in the LMD-A series.

The LMD-A180 is being touted as a cost-effective yet highly capable entry solution for HD HDR and 4K HDR production. The monitor supports EOTF of S-Log3(Live HDR), which allows for seamless integration into Sony HDR Live production workflow. While also supporting ITU-R BT.2100(HLG), LMD-A180 will also easily integrate with Sony camcorders to enable Instant HDR workflow.

The LMD-A180 was designed to be used in the studio or in the field. It features DC operation, wall mount and yoke-mount holes, and an optional protection kit (BKM-PL18). It also has camera-linkage functions, such as camera and lens metadata display and Picture and Picture support. Lens metadata is supported by F65, PMW-F55, PMW-F5, PXW-FS7M2, and PXW-FS7 as well as equipment capable of SMPTE RDD18.

According to Sony, the LMD-A180’s color gamut is wide and the same as the color gamut of BVM-HX3110, BVM-HX310, PVM-X3200, PVM-X2400, PVM-X1800 and LMD-A240. Their colors are claimed to be matched to each other on the screens.

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The monitor supports ITU-R BT.2020, DCI-P3, S-GAMUT/S-GAMUT3/S-GAMUT3.cine, sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces and accepts Quad-link 2SI 3G-SDI signals. To fully utilize its wide color gamut, the monitor offers DCI-P3 and S-GAMUT/S-GAMUT3/S-GAMUT3.cine settings, with proper EOTFs such as 2.6 gamma, S-Log3 and S-Log2. When selecting one of the HDR EOTFs, the monitor automatically sets the backlight of its panel to the maximum luminance.

The monitor’s anamorphic image conversion function correctly displays horizontally squeezed 3G/HD-SDI signals. The signals include two major systems: 16:9 1920 x 1080 (1280 x 720) signals and 17:9 2048 x 1080 signals. These signals can be appropriately displayed on the monitor’s screen. The Active Format Description (AFD) function also reads the ancillary data flag on an SDI, and can upconvert the SD image to display automatically on the full HD resolution screen. This is achieved by adjusting the resolution and aspect ratio.

The monitor has a number of additional features, including: Time Code display (LTC/VITC-supported); safety area markers, closed caption display (EIA/CEA-608 and EIA/CEA-708, SDI only), 8-channel audio level meter display, computer signal input capability via HDMI input and external remote control function.

The LMD-A180 utilizes an In-Monitor Display (IMD) function. With an external remote function via Ethernet, image source names and tally information can be displayed on screen. LMD-A Series monitors support the TSL system protocol. The IMD system can display European language text including umlaut and accent marks. Waveform monitor, vector scope and audio level meter display An input signal’s waveform and vector scope with an SDI embedded 2-channel audio level meter can be displayed on screen. Both the waveform monitor and vector scope have various modes, including a zoom function (in an area of 0 to 20 IRE) with the waveform monitor, and a zoom function (in the central black area) with the vector scope, for adjusting white balance. The waveform of a specified line can also be displayed. In conjunction with the Picture & Picture function, the waveform monitor and vector scope display can monitor two camera signals. In addition, an audio level meter can display the embedded audio signal from the SDI or HDMI input. It can display on screen the ch1 to ch8 or ch9 to ch16. False color function The monitor can display false color according to the signal level from a camera. As the whole picture is changed, it is easy to see levels for over-exposure, under-exposure, or appropriate exposure. You can adjust these levels and turn the scale of false color on and off, as required.

Price & Availability

The Sony LMD-A180 18.4-inch LCD monitor is now available to pre-order for $3,395 USD.


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