IN2CORE ScreenPort SDI Pro

At IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, IN2CORE was showing its brand new ScreenPort SDI Pro. When connected to an iOS device, ScreenPort SDI Pro provides ultra-latency streaming over the internet and proxy media upload to QTAKE Cloud which makes the recorded content instantly available to anyone who needs it.

Using industry-standard power connectors and a rugged metal enclosure, ScreenPort SDI Pro was designed to be mounted on the camera to capture video, audio and metadata from SDI output and stream it over the local network to multiple clients. If there is no Wi-Fi available on the set, ScreenPort device can be switched to Access Point mode to create its own wireless network.


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Local Streaming

Using wired or wireless network connection, ScreenPort SDI Pro streams ultra-low latency signal from camera to multiple on-set clients.

Remote Streaming

Secure stream with embedded metadata can be extended to remote collaborators using QTAKE Cloud platform. (Requires an iOS device)

SDI Auto-Record

ScreenPort SDI Pro detects record flag embedded into SDI signal to provide automatic proxy media recording. (Requires an iOS device)

SDI Metadata Capture

In addition to audio and video, ScreenPort SDI Pro captures important camera metadata, such as timecode, filename and lens metadata.

Access Point Mode

If there is no Wi-Fi infrastructure available, built-in Access Point mode can be used for standalone operation connecting up to 8 clients.

Powered by Camera

Lemo connectors provide a convenient power supply directly from the camera, without the need for an additional battery source.

Camera to Cloud

Thanks to auto-recording and metadata capture, ScreenPort SDI Pro can be used for entirely remote workflow. (Requires an iOS device)

Rugged Metal Case

ScreenPort SDI Pro features black anodized aluminum case and a standard 1/4”-20 thread for easy mounting and heavy-duty workloads.

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Price & Availability

The Intercore ScreenPort SDI Pro is now available to order for $1,699 USD / 1 550 €

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