Hawk-Woods BASTION 1600Wh Floor Battery

At IBC 2023, Hawk-Woods announced its new BASTION 1600Wh Floor Battery. It was designed specifically for high-current lighting applications and it supports voltages from 14v to 48v.

DSC 3167

The BASTION looks like a good solution for running high-power draw lights such as the new ARRI Skypanel X, Creamsource Vortex 8, and other 48 Volt LED setups.

The BASTION can power the ARRI Skypanel S120-C at 100% output (430W/h) for up to 3 hours and 30 minutes. When operating at 50% output, its runtime extends to 7 hours.


  • 2x XLR 4-pin outputs supplying 14v @ 20A.
  • 2x XLR 3-pin outputs supplying 26v @ 25A.
  • 2x Speakon outputs supplying 48v @ 15A.
  • 2x D-Tap outputs supplying 12v @ 3A
  • 12v DC output 3A.
  • 1x USB-A output supplying 5v @ 2A.
  • 1x USB-C output full PD protocol (9v, 12v, 15v, 20v) 63w (max)
  • Waterproof output covers.
  • Backlit LCD display for monitoring status and run-time.
  • Strong durable carry handles for transportation.
  • Built in charger via Mains Input 100-240VAC 50/60 6A.
  • Charges within 10-11 hours from a fully discharged state.

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