Bright Tangerine RED Komoto X Cage First Look IBC 2023

One camera that arguably needs a cage is the Red Komodo X with its box form factor. Bright Tangerine has come up with a take on how to tackle the camera with a cage so you can mount all your goodies.

Bright Tangerine Red Komoto X Cage 3

One tasty treat is the cage is covered in cheese – well, I mean cheese plates! There are a lot of Arri Accessory mounts all over this cage.

Bright Tangerine Red Komoto X Cage 5

The goal is not to have the cage fit tightly on the body. Instead, there is a bit of space to allow for airflow on the side and some room to tuck cables and splitter box away on the inside.

Bright Tangerine Red Komoto X Cage 7

The top handgrip mount is also a NATO rail and, of course, covered in accessory mounts. A very nice run/stop button is perfectly positioned on the right end of the handgrip rail, where your thumb naturally hovers over. You can use the very nice Kasbah hand grips as well.

Bright Tangerine Red Komoto X Cage 4

A prototype V-Mount battery plate for powering the camera and accessories is on the back. The IO for cables on the battery mount isn’t final, as there is a bit more organization with the inputs needed to avoid blocking ports. It is always tricky with such a small, boxy body.

Bright Tangerine Red Komoto X Cage 2

A splitter box can fit in that extra space between the cage and the camera and face forward so it doesn’t get in the operators way.

Bright Tangerine Red Komoto X Cage 3 1

Also new for the Komodo X cage is a two-channel full-size XLR adapter. Bright Tangerine will offer the cage as a kit, or you can buy individual pieces depending on your needs. It’s in the late stages of being a prototype but very close to production-ready. If you have suggestions, Bright Tangerine listens. Pricing and release date hasn’t been set yet.

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