Hollyland VenusLiv & VenusLiv Air Live Streaming Cameras

At IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, Hollyland was showing their VenusLiv & VenusLiv Air Live Streaming Cameras that were first shown as prototypes back at NAB 2023. These cameras are sort of a hybrid mic between an iPhone and a small mirrorless camera.

They were designed to be simple to use and are primarily targeted at live streamers who want a simple and easy-to-use device.

The larger VenusLiv features a flip-up screen that very much resembles the screen you would find on a smartphone. The body of the camera looks like a small-sized camcorder. The VenuLiv is very lightweight and it is powered via a single Sony NP-F battery.

Hollyland Venuss Live Streaming Cameras 279

It has built-in Wi-Fi and all you need to do is connect it up to your smartphone or any Wi-Fi network to use it. You can also use ethernet or if you hook it up to a computer via a USB-C cable you can use it as a webcam.

The camera has a simplistic menu and it has the ability to directly stream to all of the major social media platforms.

You can record your stream onto an SD card. Recordings and streams are limited to 1080p.

Hollyland Venuss Live Streaming Cameras 281

The camera uses a fixed lens that starts at 28mm, but it also features a 3x optical zoom. The lens is made by Tamron and the sensor inside the camera is from Sony.

Hollyland Venuss Live Streaming Cameras 289

The camera does have an HDMI output so you could attach it to an ATEM Mini, etc.

While it was designed to be a plug-and-play device, it does still have the ability to change several parameters such as F-stop, shutter, etc. manually.

The smaller-sized VenusLiv Air doesn’t have a built-in screen and it needs to be controlled and the images viewed via the Hollyview app.

It also doesn’t feature any type of onboard or internal battery and it can only be powered through mains.

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