Deity Announced the DLTX 3-Pin Lemo transmitter, Butterfly Antenna, at IBC 2023

The DLTX is primarily designed for microphones that require 48-volt phantom power through the 3-pin Lemo connector. This is great for attaching to a boom pole, as most shotgun microphones require phantom power. The DLTX 3 is fully compatible with the new THEOS wireless system.

Deity 1

The design is still a prototype, and Deity is looking for feedback on the final version. As of now, it uses a belt clip; however, mounting options to attach it to a boom pole are still in the works.

DLTX Key features

  • Ultra Wideband Digital UHF spectrum; 550-960 MHz
  • Up to 100mW RF Output
  • Provides 48V Phantom Power; Supports Balanced Mic Input
  • 3V and 5V Bias voltage for Lavaliers
  • 3-Pin LEMO Audio Input
  • Built-in 32-bit float recorder in the transmitter
  • Wirelessly sync timecode from Deity TC-1 or JAM via 3-Pin Input
  • Haptic feedback vibration
  • Only 122 grams w/ batteries

The system uses an Ultra Wideband digital UHF 550-960 spectrum with up to 100mW of RF power. You can also use 3V and 5V bias voltage Lavalier microphones.

Deity 5

The transmitter includes 32-bit capable recordings to an SD Card. Just like the Theos line, you can’t record and transmit in the US. You can in the rest of the world. If you travel abroad, you need to use the Sidus Audio app to change the DLTX 3 to the region of use. For example, you should never use the US spectrum in Europe as it is illegal.

Deity 3
Theos System

Deity Butterfly Antenna

The second product is the Deity Butterfly Antenna. The antenna starts at 740 and goes to 1 GHz. Deity states the Butterfly Antenna is meant to be used with any brand system for a more expanded and reliable signal. The input is BNC and mounts with a 1/4 20″, so you can easily get it up and running.

Pricing is not set, and Deity is looking at a January ship date for both announced products.

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