DZOFilm PAVO 2x Anamorphic Prime Lens Pricing Announced

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The pricing for the DZOFilm PAVO 2x Anamorphic Prime Lens series has finally been set. Individual lenses will cost $5,499 USD and you can also buy them in three different sets:

At $5,499 USD these are actually more expensive than the Laowa Proteus 2x anamorphic lenses that I have previously reviewed on the site.

Above you can see our interview with DZOFilm from NAB 2023 where the lenses were first shown.

Screen Shot 2023 09 15 at 22 25 57

The PAVO 2x Anamorphic Prime Lenses all have a T2.1 aperture.

  • 28mm T2.1
  • 32mm T2.1
  • 40mm T2.1
  • 55mm T2.1
  • 75mm T2.1
  • 100mm T2.1

The lenses are available in two versions. One produces a traditional blue steak, while the other one has a gold streak. The lenses are available in Canon EF or PL mount and they cover S35 sensors. They feature a mid anamorphic design that is located right behind the focussing group, and they looked reasonably sharp from my quick play with them. They don’t seem to flare too heavily.

DZOFilm 140

DZOFilm has plans to add more focal lengths in the future.


The DZOFILM PAVO 2x Anamorphic Prime Lenses seem to be direct competition for the Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic series and the Atlas Orion series.

The Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic series lenses are available in focal lengths of 35mm, 45mm, 60mm, and 85mm and they will cover Super 35 sensors. All the lenses are T2.

Screenshot 2023 01 18 at 12 38 21 AM

We first saw a prototype of one of the lenses at Interbee 2022 in Japan.

According to Laowa, the Proteus 2X Anamorphic Series was designed to be the most accessible professional anamorphic lens for Super35 sensors that features a constant 2X squeeze ratio. The Proteus Series is said to exhibit classic anamorphic characters with modern image quality.

Screenshot 2023 01 18 at 12 46 11 AM

The lenses will cover an image circle diameter of 25.92mm x 21.6mm.

Screenshot 2023 01 18 at 12 37 57 AM

The 35 and 45mm have a minimum focusing distance of 21.6″ / 54.9cm. They are claimed to feature smooth elliptical bokeh and signature flares including blue, amber, and silver options.


The lenses are available in PL mount, but they also come with a user interchangeable EF mount.

Screenshot 2023 01 18 at 12 51 28 AM

The Proteus lenses are not lightweight and compact lenses. They have the following weights:

35mm2.4kg / 5.29 lbs
45mm2.4kg / 5.29 lbs
60mm2.3kg / 5.07 lbs
85mm2.95 kg / 6.5 lbs

Laowa also just announced a 28mm T2 and a 100mm T2.

Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic Series adapted a front anamorphic design for a robust optical composition. It can deliver the image sharpness of modern quality while retaining the vintage look of anamorphic characteristics including elliptical bokeh and signature flares.

Screenshot 2023 01 18 at 12 51 44 AM 1

The Proteus 2x anamorphic lenses retail for $4,999 USD each and a 2-lens set is $9,499 USD. Eligible customers can join their #ProteusOnSet program to enjoy a cash rebate of $1,200 USD for each set order.

Atlas Orion 21mm T2

Other competition comes in the form of the Atlas Lens Co. Orion series which has been around for many years now. They also have a lot more focal lengths available.

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