Aputure and Prolycht Acquisition Updates

While the aquasition of Prolycht isn’t “new” news, what Aputure will do with the combined forces has not been fully defined yet. I had a great time talking to Ted, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, and it’s always great catching up with and asking him about the plan. In a nutshell, Aputure will be combining Aputure’s advanced High Fidelity Spectrum tech and Prolycht’s color science into new lights that are in development: Prolycht Plus Color science and color mixing algorithm tech.

Aputure is excited and feels the combined forces will be able to deliver an exceptional lighting product with higher quality at an affordable price.

Aputure also unveiled that the Sidus Link is now available for exciting Prolycht users with a simple firmware update. Now, both brands can be controlled with a single app.

Ted mentioned that the current lineup will not have the new tech, and the ElctroStorm series will not be released with the combined recent advancements. As for the Dedolight? Aputure is still working out the details, but it is still in the works, so hopefully, if you had your heart set on the fixture, it will be released.

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