Accsoon CineView Nano low-cost wireless transmitter

Accsoon has unveiled a brand new low-cost wireless transmitter aimed at content creators. The CineView Nano which will retail for $129 USD is a tiny HDMI wireless transmitter that has a range of 500ft using 5Ghz wi-fi. It can connect up to four devices at the same time and can also be used on top of your camera using an included clamp.

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The CineView Nan is designed for use with the latest mirrorless cameras and connects them on the 5GHz frequency to iPhones, iPads and selected Android smartphones and tablets. Paired with the free Accsoon SEE app, it transforms the phone or tablet into a fully featured HD monitor and streaming solution.

The CineView Nano weighs 72.3g (excluding battery) and features integrated antennas to keep the size down. The unit is comprised of two main parts, the transmitter and a detachable phone clamp. The spring-loaded clamp part securely holds the phone in place and can accommodate all current iPhones. An Accsoon cold shoe adapter is also included in the box for camera mounting.

Alternatively, the clamp can be detached and replaced with an included gimbal attachment plate compatible with DJI RS2/RS3 gimbals. This conveniently situates the CineView Nano underneath the camera mounting plate for optimal balance and ease of access.

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You place a CineView Nano on top of your camera, connect the HDMI cable and battery, fire up the app on your phone, and you’re good to go. You can Clamp your phone onto the CineView Nano mounted on top of your camera to use it like a conventional monitor or use your phone or tablet as a remote monitor up to 500ft away, or multiple devices to do both at once.

If you are self-shooting you can see your own image on an iPad or iPhone. The SEE app features an extensive array of monitoring options. You can flip the image for selfie mode, monitor audio levels, apply grids, and pinch the screen to magnify it to check focus. There is also a waveform monitor, LUTs, and anamorphic de-squeeze.

You can record HD clips of the transmitted video directly to the phone or tablet’s camera roll for immediate review and sharing. Video clips recorded at up to 1080P HD at 60fps are immediately available for editing, sharing and messaging right on your device. Quick edits for social media can be done on the spot on your phone or tablet using any of the popular editing apps, then shared to your favorite social media platform. You can also send clips to friends or customers using iMessage or other messaging apps.

The CineView Nano powers off the commonly available NP-F type batteries and can run almost all day thanks to its super-low power consumption. Alternatively, it can be powered via USB-C (5w). There is also a 10W USB-C power output that allows other low-draw devices such as phones or tablets to be charged from the CineView Nano.

Price & Availability

The CineView Nano costs $129 USD and will be available in October 2023 from authorized Accsoon dealers worldwide. You can learn more on the Accsoon website.

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