Fujifilm FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens Introduced

Duvo 24 200 side

The Duvo 24-300mm dual format lens supports Super 35mm and full-frame sensors, with a 1.5x expander engaged. The lens is designed to bring shallow depth of field and bokeh where most setups are using ENG-type cameras for sports and live events; the look of a large sensor camera is much more cinematic.

Duvo 24 300 angle

While cinema lenses are commonly used for those applications, they are optimized for shooting scripted production and have a smaller zoom magnification ratio than that of broadcast lenses. They also often require a focus puller, which is uncommon in the broadcast industry. The introduction of this compact, lightweight, portable lens to the Duvo Series lens lineup will enable high mobility and portability in cinematic coverage of live sporting events, music concerts, documentaries, and wildlife cinematography.  

In March this year, Fujifilm released the FUJINON HZK25-1000mm (Duvo 25-1000) box-type broadcast zoom lens, also known as “Duvo Box”. The Duvo 25-1000, which is also a PL mount Super 35 lens.

FUJINON Duvo HZK24 300mm

Duvo 24-300mm Key features

  • The lens natively works with the Super 35mm sensor and supports a sensor equivalent to full frame by engaging the built-in expander to expand the image circle by 1.5 times.
  • When mounted on a camera equipped with a sensor equivalent to full frame, the lens delivers its maximum optical performance while maintaining the same angle of view as when used on a camera with a Super 35mm sensor.

Fujifilm currently expects Duvo 24-300mm to be released into the U.S. market in spring 2024.

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