ARRI Studio New York opens

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ARRI Studio New York is now open for advertising and commercial content production. It is a flexible, multipurpose facility that was designed to produce corporate, educational, and promotional videos.

The studio is conveniently located at ARRI’s facility in New York City so that customers can also benefit from cost-effective production infrastructure with access to ARRI’s camera and lighting systems.

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The turnkey studio configuration offers an efficient, user-friendly introduction to virtual production with in-house creative and technical support. There is space for a live audience and it looks to be s good production environment for corporate videos, interview-style setups, town-hall presentations, educational and training clips, fashion shoots, and music videos.

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The ARRI Studio is built around a curved LED wall with an image-based lighting design. The new facility allows advertising and commercial clients to utilize the full potential of the latest technology, and to reduce costs and carbon footprint by avoiding crew travel to multiple locations. The other benefit is that you get consistency in weather and daylight conditions, and real-time virtualization.

The studio is operated by ARRI, with clients able to tap into the technical insights of in-house support staff including Creative Producer Luis Feliciano.

For more information and booking, please visit https://www.arri.com/arri-studio-new-york.

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