Nanuk Soft Bag Ecosystem

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Nanuk is normally known for its hard cases, but they have now released a new range of products in what they are referring to as the Soft Bag Ecosystem.

The Soft Bag Ecosystem is divided into three categories:

N-PVD Photo/Video/Drone Bags

N-PVD bags were specifically designed to hold video, photo, or drone equipment, including cameras. They are available in four different sizes.

  • Nanuk N-PVD Camera & Drone Messenger Bag (Black, 15L) $219.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-PVD Padded Duffle Bag for Camera and Drone (Black, 40L) $189.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-PVD Backpack for Photo, Video, Drone, and Laptop (Black, 18L) $269.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-PVD Backpack for Photo, Video, Drone, and Laptop (Black, 30L) $299.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-PVD Backpack for Photo, Video, Drone, and Laptop (Black, 35L) $329.95 USD

The bags feature 360° foam padding, EVA compression-molded foam bottom panels, and padded straps. All of the bags include removable rain covers, padded trolley handles, and lockable main compartment zippers. The included padded internal dividers can be custom-configured depending on your requirements.

The N-PVD 15 is the smallest size in the line-up and it can fit up to two camera bodies, two lenses, a smaller action camera, a tripod, and additional accessories such as a laptop.

The N-PVD 18 is a backpack-style bag, and it can fit the same amount of gear as the N-PVD 15 plus a Cubik organizer.

The N-PVD 30 can handle moderate or heavy loads and even more Cubik organizer sizes.

The N-PVD 35 and N-PVD 40 can both accommodate two to three camera bodies and two larger lenses in addition to a drone and other accessories.

Cubik Organizers

If you need to store additional items in a separate, smaller-sized organizer, Nanuk has made the Cubik Organizers. The series comes in various capacities from 6L to 28L:

  • Nanuk N-Cubik 13M ICU Organizing System (Black, 14L) $99.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-Cubik 13L ICU Organizing System (Black, 20L) $119.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-Cubik 13S ICU Organizing System (Black, 6L) $79.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-Cubik 17M ICU Organizing System (Black, 20L) $99.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-Cubik 17L ICU Organizing System (Black, 28L) $119.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-Cubik 17S ICU Organizing System (Black, 9L) $79.95 USD

The N-Cubik series is designed to fit into a 935 or 938 waterproof hard case or 35L and above Nanuk backpack. They have top handles that allow you to remove the bag completely from your case to pack your gear or configure your interior dividers. The lid of each organizer features additional padding and an ID card window. You can mix and match sizes to create different compartments in your case or backpack.

Nanuk N-Cubik Tech Pouches

The Nanuk Tech Pouches come in three different sizes:

  • Nanuk N-Cubik T1 Tech Pouch (Black, 1L) $54.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-Cubik T2 Tech Pouch (Black, 1L) $64.95 USD
  • Nanuk N-Cubik T3 Clamshell Tech Case (Black, 2L) $64.95 USD

They were designed to hold SD cards, charging cords, power cubes, and other forms of data storage. They feature 360° foam padding, zippered pockets, and internal mesh storage pockets to protect your gear.

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