Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Production

Aputure released a cool Beginner’s Guide for Virtual Production video. This presentation was shot at Cine Gear 2023 in Los Angeles.

For a lot of filmmakers, it’s hard to step onto an XR stage due to the costs and limited access to the technology. It doesn’t mean filmmakers should ignore this emerging tool in cinema, as it unlocks a level of immersion that performers and directors could implement into their work on set in real-time.

In this presentation, they show you how it starts, from the LED wall to the lighting. as well as the gear used for topics like image-based lighting and parallax camera movement. Enjoy!

I personally haven’t worked with a volume yet. One thing I don’t like is how bright a scene tends to be due to the brightness of the image on the volume. A lot of Solo: A Star Wars Story had scenes that looked a bit too real and made the armor look plastic. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic way to shoot and avoid the heavy CGI in post and will get better over time.

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