Manfrotto Medium Pro Scrim All-in-One Kit (3.6 x 6.5′) on sale for $297.88 USD

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The Manfrotto Medium Pro Scrim All-in-One Kit (3.6 x 6.5′) is on sale for $297.88 USD which is a massive saving of $470 USD.

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The Manfrotto Medium Pro Scrim All-In-One Kit measures 3.6 x 6.5′ and features a lightweight design, quick and easy setup, grip gear integration, and a couple of different fabrics. The kit is built around a sturdy aluminum frame and has an internal elastic cord that keeps it together when packed.

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Key features

  • Black, Silver/White & 1.25-Stop Fabrics
  • Two Grip Heads, Two Ears
  • Aluminum Frame, Rigid Case
  • Lightweight for Location Work
  • Fits Conveniently in the Included Case

Included are three fabrics, which quickly clip onto the frame and just as quickly unclip when you want to swap it out for another fabric. The black fabric absorbs light from the subject and can be used to create a light-to-dark ratio in flat light conditions, block window light or other illumination, or reduce reflections on shiny or mirrored surfaces.

The reversible silver/white fabric has a dual purpose. The silver side offers highly reflective light quality great for long-throw work and renders a snappy, high-contrast look with a cool color bias, while the white surface provides neutral reflectance with a soft quality of light.

The 1.25-stop diffusion fabric both reduces the amount of light falling on the subject and is also a valuable tool when used overhead to tame bright, contrasting light sources such as the sun.

The kit provides two ears – flat, notched metal plates that fasten anywhere on the tubular frame. The ears slip into the two provided grip heads, each of which has 5/8″ receivers. Add two stands and you have a solid setup for an overhead or butterfly. The whole kit fits in the included rigid case.

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