Core SWX Renegade XL 48

The Core SWX Renegade XL 48 power station is a high capacity, high current output, lithium-based power solution that was designed specifically to power high draw lights. It was first announced back in April, but it has only just started to ship.

Key features

  • Designed for Hybrid Cine/Lighting
  • 2 x 48 VDC powerCON Outputs
  • D-Tap/SmartTap and USB Outputs
  • 1376Wh Li-Ion Battery Charges in 5 Hours
  • OLED Display with Diagnostic Reporting
  • Internal Charger or Works with SFQ40

The Renegade XL 48 features dual 48v, 15amp outputs capable of powering an Aputure 1200D at full output using just a single battery source. From a fully discharged state, the internal charger can recharge the Renegade XL 48 in less than 5 hours.

Screenshot 2023 08 12 at 10 30 48 AM

With the available (but not included) SFQ40, the Renegade XL 48 can recharge in less than 2 hours. The external charge ports also serve as “daisy-chain” ports to allow you to connect several Renegade XLs in parallel to increase available battery capacity.

The Renegade XL 48 has a color OLED display that can provide runtime and battery status. The power station also comes with 2 P-tap ports and a USB which can power mobile devices but doubles as an FW update port.

Screenshot 2023 08 12 at 10 30 54 AM

One of the two P-tap ports also supports Voltbridge Mesh, allowing for cloud fleet battery management.

Screen Shot 2023 04 12 at 3 40 21 PM

The Renegade XL 48 retails for $4,799 USD and it just started shipping.

The External Charger for Renegade XL and XL 48 retails for $1,799 USD.

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