Tilta Ultimate Camera Cage System for the RED Komodo-X

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Tilta has announced its Ultimate Camera Cage System for the RED Komodo-X. The camera cage protects the camera in a durable and modular outer shell, which allows users to only use the elements of the cage they need for a specific build.

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There are four different versions available, ranging from a full cage up to the Camera Cage for RED KOMODO-X Advanced Kit.

All of the kits bare based around the Full Camera Cage. It was designed with versatility in mind, and the cage boasts an array of strategic mounting points including NATO Rails, a Cold Shoe Receiver, Arri Rosettes, and 1/4″-20 as well as 3/8″-16 threads with locating points.

These options easily accommodate accessories like NATO based Side Handles, External Monitors, and Top Handles, etc.

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Included with the Full Cage, the new Lens Adapter Support employs a sophisticated clamp-based design, providing multiple points of contact for improved stability. This approach not only increases the security of your lens adapters, such as when using the Tilta Canon RF Mount to PL Mount Adapter, but it is also a better solution when using larger lenses.

The one of a kind Foldable Top Handle which allows users to swivel the bulk of the handle out of the way, providing unobstructed access to your camera’s top screen while still being compatible with the DSMC3 RED TOUCH 7.0″ monitor.

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This handle provides additional mounting points for accessories such as another Cold Shoe Receiver, a 15mm rod holder, 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads with locating points.

This Camera Cage for RED KOMODO-X Advanced Kit includes a Left Side Wooden Handle that is carved from black walnut wood and features an ergonomic design that is also rotatable.

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The kit also comes with Tilta’s 15mm LWS Baseplate which supports dual 15mm rods and rod-based accessories such as follow focus systems or matte boxes. This LWS baseplate features a bottom plate that is compatible with Tilta’s Standard Dovetails and can be adapted via Tilta’s optional 19mm Baseplate to support 19mm rods and mount to Arri Standard Dovetails.

The included Battery Plate adapts the Komodo X’s Micro V-Mount Plate to support Full Sized V-Mount Batteries and features a height adjustment to accommodate various-sized batteries.

The Advanced I/O Module features an integrated EXT Cable that offers increased functionality for Run Stop, Timecode, and power via additional ports.

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This Module can be mounted and powered via the Battery Plate or it can be mounted externally and powered via a 2 Pin power input. The Battery Plate and I/O Module include the following ports:

(1) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO Input/Output
(1) 3 Pin Fischer R/S Port
(1) Timecode Port
(1) Red CTRL Port
(1) Genlock Port

(2) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO Port
(1) 14.8V P-Tap Port
(1) USB-C Port

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Tilta also sells most of the components as individual items so you can purchase them separately.

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