Freewell Eiger Matte Box

The Freewell Eiger Matte Box is being touted as an affordable, entry-level solution. The whole concept behind Eiger was to take away the frustration of using traditional screw-on filters by coming up with a lightweight matte box that you could use with a variety of different-sized filters. Yes, this is hardly a new concept and we have seen numerous companies such as Tilta and SmallRig launch similar matte boxes, but having more options available is always a good thing.

The Eiger Matte Box allows you to incorporate optional filters (VND, Gradient, Mist, Steak, Straight ND) in one system. There is also an adjustable carbon fiber top flag that minimizes glare or flare.

The Eiger Matte Box system is compatible with insert filters and magnetic or threaded filters. What you need to be clearly aware of is this matte box doesn’t work with traditional 4 x 4″ or 4 x 5.65″ filters. The inset filters Freewell refers to are their own graduated ND ones.

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It also supports the use of the previous Freewell Magnetic Quick Swap System, threaded VND filters, and Freewell Eiger filters.

Above you can see some setup scenarios that can be used. Now, please be aware that even though Freewell shows multiple filters being stacked on top of each other and being combined with a VND and a graduated ND, I wouldn’t recommend doing this. Using four or 5 filters at the same time is not a good idea, regardless of what someone says on YouTube. You also have to be aware that the quality of ‘affordable’ filters can be very hit-and-miss. Although, in saying that, I haven’t tested these filters so I don’t know how well they perform.

You can use a VND adapter and by combining a CPL and a VND filter you will be able to make adjustments on top of the matte box.

The matte box will work with lenses that have up to a 95mm front diameter and it includes adaptors from 67mm to 82mm. If you need other adapters, you have the option to purchase adaptors for 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm and 95mm separately.

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The sunshade hood can be quickly detached by using a quick-release mechanism that is activated by pressing a button.

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There is also an optional 15mm Rail Mount Support available that you can attach to the bottom of the matte box.

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In the box you get the Eiger Matte Box, adapter cap, adapter rings (67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm), and the top flag.

Price & Availability

The Freewell Eiger Matte Box is now available to pre-order for $149.99 USD. It is expected to start shipping on August 28th.

Above you can see all of the prices for the various filters that are available.

Screenshot 2023 08 01 at 9 49 20 AM

The Freewell 15mm Rail Mount Support for Eiger Matte Box is also $49.99 USD.


While there is nothing wrong with matte boxes like this, they do certainly restrict you as to what filters you can actually use. A lot of the time you end up getting locked into certain company’s filters, especially when it comes to magnetic attachment ones and adapter trays.

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