Intellytech LC-120 2.0 & LC-160 Pancake Lantern & Skirt Now Available

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The Intellytech LC-120 2.0 and the LC-160 Pancake Lantern and Skirt are now available. The LC-120 2.0 is also on sale today only for just $499 USD, which is a big saving of $300 USD.

LC-120 2.0

Intellytech has increased the wattage of the LC-120 2.0 from 120W up to 160W. The new units are now more than 25% brighter, and the good news is this price is exactly the same as the old model.

The LC-120 2.0 is a 160 Watt, 1×3 LED Mat weighing just 2 pounds that folds down to a 12″x12″ square. This unique design allows the user to create, broad, bright, natural-looking light that can be setup fast and travel small.

The new 2.0 LiteCloth controllers now have the AC built-in, allowing for a faster and simpler setup. The power supply/controller weighs 3 lb and it has dimensions of 9.25″ x 5″ x 2″.

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There is also an upgraded cable system that features threadless, click-in connectors for more secure connections. This applies to the 4 pin cable on the LED mat as well as the PowerCON cable for AC power.

Intellytech has also added a new Effects Mode with 9 different effects. Each effect can be programmed according to speed and intensity. There is also
Bluetooth App control using theIntellytech LiteSync app.

Each LC-120 2.0 is fitted with 8 high-strength metal grommets. Also included are 2 grommet ties as an optional mounting point between the LiteCloth and bracket.

What do you get?

  • 1×3 LED Mat
  • Softbox W/ Diffuser & Grid
  • Mounting Bracket & Double Jointed Silver Stud
  • All-In-One Controller W/ V-Mount OR Gold Mount Battery Plate (choose one) – Works Universally 100-240V.
  • Hard, Crushproof Case – 18″x16″x4.5″.
  • Grommet Ties
  • PowerCON Power Cable
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For today only, the LC-120 2.0 is on sale for just $499 USD, which is a big saving of $300 USD.

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There is also a flash sale on the LC-120 2.0 2 light kit where you can get it for $958 USD which is a saving of $541 USD.

LC-160 Pancake Lantern & Skirt $85 USD

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Intellytech is now offering more affordable light modifiers for its 2×2 LC-160 models. One of these is the new LC-160 Pancake Lantern & Skirt. This is a very affordably priced lighting modifier that increases the versatility of the LC-160.

Weighing less than a pound the LC-160 Pancake Lantern and Skirt simply attaches to the rear of the LC-160 LED Mat via Velcro.

The Lantern can be used on its own, without the skirt. The included skirt attaches to the Pancake Lantern to enable control over the light-spill. With adjustable Velcro on all four sides, the skirt can be rolled up or down to vary light spread from an omnidirectional overhead source to a straight down-light.

1-stop diffusers for the LC-160 & LC-120

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They also have new stronger 1-stop diffusers available for the LC-160 and LC-120. These 1-stop diffusers attach to the 5″ softbox already included in the kit.

These are very affordable priced at $19 USD.

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