ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 is a 200W LED Light and a new addition to the MOLUS range. It utilizes a standard Bowns S mount so that you can attach affordable lighting modifiers.

The MOLUS G200 now joins the MOLUS G60 & MOLUS X100 that we first saw at Interbee 2022 in Japan.

Key features

  • Output: 60,700 Lux at 3.3′ w/ Reflector
  • 2700-6500K CCT
  • AC Power
  • Onboard & App Control
  • CRI 95 | TLCI 97 | TM-30 Rf 94, Rg 101
  • Active Cooling
  • Bowens S Accessory Mount
  • Compact Design, Separate Controller
  • Includes Reflector, Power Supply & Bag

According to ZHIYUN, the MOLUS G200 is a high-power COB LED light that is suitable for studios, live streaming, and other lighting applications.

Screenshot 2023 07 05 at 2 46 46 PM

The MOLUS G200, just like the other lights in the series features a rather unique box-style design, which is a little different from most other COB fixtures we have seen in the past.

Screenshot 2023 07 05 at 2 50 21 PM

Now, unlike the smaller MOLUS fixtures, the MOLUS G200 features a separate head unit and a controller/power supply.

Screenshot 2023 07 05 at 2 50 03 PM

This allows you to use the light on boom arms and lightweight light stands.

Screenshot 2023 07 05 at 2 50 13 PM

COB LED lights generate a lot of heat, so it is no real surprise that ZHIYUN has chosen to separate the COB from the power supply/controller as this would help immensely with the cooling. ZHIYUN is utilizing what they refer to as the DynaVort Cooling System which features a heat sink and FOC fan.

The light is CCT adjustable from 2700-6500K. It also has 5 built-in presets.

Screenshot 2023 07 05 at 2 33 06 PM

According to ZHIYUN, the MOLUS G200 is capable of outputting 61,600 lx when used with its standard reflector, and 9,460 lx when used open face. They also claim that the light has a CRI of 95, a TLCI of 97. and TM30 scores of Rf : 94 and R g: 101.

Now, there is a Boost mode you can activate where the light is claimed to be able to utilize 300W and output 85,500 lx when used with its standard reflector. The catch with this mode is that the light only works at 4300K and the light will only work in this mode for a certain period of time (depending on the ambient temperature). ZHIYUN doesn’t list how long the light will run in this mode.

The light features an integrated light stand support that allows for up to 180 degrees of movement. There is also a built-in umbrella slot for running affordable lighting modifiers.

Screenshot 2023 07 05 at 3 03 15 PM

The ZY VEGA App allows you to remotely control the light from s smartphone. The fixture also uses Bluetooth Mesh so you can control multiple lights and big distances.

There are three operating modes that are aimed squarely at content creators.

Screenshot 2023 07 05 at 3 05 37 PM

Price & Availability

The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 retails for $379 USD and it is now available to purchase.

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