The ZHIYUN FIVERAY V60 is the newest member of the FIVERAY Light Wand family and it now joins the FR100C and F100 in the series.

The FIVERAY V60 looks a bit like a hair curler, and it follows in the footsteps of lights like the Godox LC500 Bi-Color LED Light Stick. Hand-held LED lights like this are nothing new and there have been plenty of similar lights released over the years. The Wescott ICE light was one of the first and that fixture was first introduced way back in 2013.

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ZHIYUN claims that the FIVERAY V60 uses cutting-edge fluid dynamics and algorithms. The DynoVort cooling system consists of six FOC fans and gyroscope-modeled heat sinks to stay cool.

The light features an internal battery, but it can be powered via mains or through a USB-C connection. The light will still run while it is being charged. ZHIYUN lists the maximum run time when it is set at 100% output as being just 24 minutes. This is not a lot of time.

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Even though the light is listed as 60W, there is a 100W MAX mode that you can activate, but the caveat is that this mode only works if the light is attached to mains power.

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You can control the light via on-board control and it is CCT adjustable from 2700-6500K. There are also 6 effect modes you can choose from.

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ZHIYUN also offers a few optional lighting modifiers that you can buy to use with the FIVERAY V60.

Price & Availability

The ZHIYUN FIVERAY V60 retails for $199 USD and it is now available to purchase.

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