ZHIYUN CRANE 4 Gimbal with built-in balance indicator lights

ZHIYUN has announced its new CRANE 4 Gimbal for mirrorless hybrids and small-sized digital cinema cameras.

One of the most interesting features of the CRANE 4 is the inclusion of built-in balance indicator lights at each motor that provide a visual indicator of their balance calibration status.

Bluetooth connectivity provides direct shutter control for supported cameras, instead of having to physically hook up cables. Operators can start/stop recording, and trigger photo capture remotely.

Key features

  • 13.2 lb / 5.98kg Load Capacity
  • Extended Arm for Full-Frame Lenses
  • Dual-Layer Quick Release Plates
  • Sling Grip, Wrist Rest
  • 360° Pan, 207° Tilt, 70° Roll Rotation
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Shutter Control
  • Built-In 3200 Lux Fill Light
  • Creative Operation Modes
  • 12-Hr Runtime
  • 1.22″ Touchscreen
  • Balance Indicators
  • 2600mAh Batteries
  • PD Fast Charge

The CRANE 4’s payload capacity is 13.2 lb / 5.98kg, enabling you to use heavier full-frame mirrorles hybrid and lens combinations, and compact digital cinema cameras, such as Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, ZCAM models, and the SIGMA FP series. It features a longer arm length and stronger motors than previous versions.


The CRANE 4 features a lighter design compared to previous generations, with the aim of enabling camera operators to work longer without fatigue. The gimbal has an adjustable sling grip that, when combined with the ergonomic wrist rest, supports fine-tuned angle adjustment to enable precise movement control.

The sling grip can be adjusted to match the gimbal’s central axis, allowing easy switching between sling style and two-handed modes, depending on your preference.

There is a quick-release module, that lets you switch between landscape or portrait modes.

An integrated 1.22-inch color touchscreen allows you to adjust the CRANE 4’s functions such as balance, operating mode, and see real-time status information.

The CRANE 4 can run for up to 12 hours by utilizing four high-capacity 18650 batteries. These batteries can be fully recharged in under two hours via USB PD fast charging.


New to the CRANE series, is the inclusion of a built-in 10W fill light with a claimed max illuminance of 3200 lux, CRI 95+. The CCt of the light can be adjusted between 2700K-5500K.

The CRANE 4 can be paired with a wide array of accessories, such as remote monitoring, follow-focus motors, and ZHIYUN’s TransMount Image Transmission system.

Price & Availability


The ZHIYUN CRANE 4 retails for $699 USD. The CRANE 4 Combo (with MasterMove accessories and storage bag) will cost $749 USD.

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