OWC 1TB & 2TB Atlas Ultra CFexpress Type B Memory Cards

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OWC has announced new 1TB and 2TB Atlas Ultra CFexpress Memory Cards. The two new high-capacity memory cards have claimed 1700MB/s write and 1850MB/s read real-world speeds and a 1500MB/s minimum sustained write speed.

The Atlas Ultra CFexpress cards were designed to tackle today’s extreme data needs, enabling you to capture 8K RAW video from digital cinema cameras and mirrorless hybrids.

Above you can see which cards are compatible with what cameras.

Key features

  • Ultra speed: up to 1700MB/s write and 1850MB/s read real-world speeds for the most advanced uses cases of professional content creators including fast burst RAW image sequences and high bitrate video recording up to 8K
  • Dependable: delivers 1500MB/s minimum sustained write speed
  • Supportive: fully compatible with a wide variety of DSLR and mirrorless cameras
  • Compliant: fully meets CFexpress Type B 1.0 and 2.0 specifications
  • Tough: impact, bend, shock, ESD, UV ray, and x-ray resistant
  • 3 Year OWC Limited Warranty

The Atlas Ultra memory cards feature protection from X-rays, UV rays, shocks, drops, and extreme temperatures.

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The new capacity cards complete a full ecosystem of cards, readers, and software. What is nice is that OWC has built a comprehensive assortment of hardware and software solutions to support anyone through the creative process from Capture to Completion. This includes hardware as well as software such as OWC Copy That and OWC Innergize.

You can go from ingest to edit with a range of bus-powered portable Atlas card readers, as well as SD and CFexpress card reader-equipped OWC docks and storage solutions. OWC memory card readers like the Atlas FXR have been specifically designed and extensively test-proven to deliver effective heat dissipation so Atlas memory cards will deliver maximum sustained throttle-free performance.

OWC’s Innergize software is an integral part of the ecosystem built for OWC Atlas memory cards and readers. Innergize provides health monitoring to ensure the card is healthy enough before a shoot begins, field firmware updates to ensure the cards and readers will perform optimally with future cameras, and card sanitization that ensures that there will be zero dropped frames when shooting video or continuous burst photos.

For when users have captured their footage and need to disperse it quickly and accurately to backups, editors, producers, directors, and other stakeholders. OWC Copy That streamlines the offload process with lighting fast, verified copies of files to single or multiple destinations.

Pricing & Availability

OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 1TB and 2TB are now available starting at $599.99 USD at Macsales.com, amazon.com, bhphotovideo.com, and other dealers worldwide

OWC Innergize is now available for download for both Mac and Windows. OWC Copy That is available for Mac on the OWC Software store.

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