Sonnet Technologies Twin25G PCIe Card for Fast 25GbE Networking

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If you need Pro 25GbE for the recently announced 2023 Mac Pro, then Sonnet has a solution. The Twin25G PCIe Card for fast 25GbE networking is a dual-port 25GbE PCIe Card with two SFP28 transceivers included.

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You could also use a free slot in a Sonnet multi-slot Echo Thunderbolt expansion system to add 25Gb Ethernet to your computer without card slots.

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Key features

  • Adds High-performance 25GbE Connectivity
  • Simply powerful way to add dual optical 25GbE connections to any computer with PCIe card slots.
  • High-performance card includes two 25GBASE SFP28 transceivers.
  • Backward Compatible
  • The adapter also supports 10GbE — enabling you to integrate with 10GbE infrastructure now and upgrade your switch or shared storage system to 25GbE later.
  • Mac Compatible- Supports 2019 Mac Pro running macOS 13 & the new 2023 Mac Pro
  • Windows Compatible- Supports computers with PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 slots running Windows or Windows Server.
  • Linux Compatible- Supports computers with PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 slots running Linux Kernel 5.0+.
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Storage Environments NVMe storage devices are gaining popularity because they offer very fast storage access. The Sonnet Twin25G provides performance enhancements not only by delivering higher network speed, but also by providing NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) target offloads, enabling very efficient NVMe storage access with no CPU intervention. This improves performance and reduces latency. Compared to multi-fabric teamed 10G networks, a consolidated 25G storage network achieves significant cost and performance advantages with fewer cables and switch ports, which also lowers power requirements.

The Twin25G PCIe Card is packaged with both full-height and low-profile mounting brackets, enabling installation of the card into any PCIe slot. To install it, you simply place the Twin25G PCIe Card into a PCIe slot in your computer or Sonnet Thunderbolt PCIe card expansion system, install a driver, install the included SFP28 modules, and then connect the card to the network switch or directly to 25GbE-enabled storage. You then configure the adapter’s settings through the macOS Network control panel, Windows Device Manager, or Linux command line (or graphical utility).

Price & Availability

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The Sonnet Technologies Twin25G PCIe Card is now available for $599 USD.

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